A Review of a great, down to earth, podcast: Nerdpocalypse

The Nerdpocalypse is a podcast that covers movies,comics,and other things of interest.

These guys are true, funny, and candid. They know what the hell they are talking about with anything geeky and shit like that. They also cover non-geek news such as maid services and moments of all time stupidity like people leaving out phone numbers at the scene of the crime. If you haven’t heard them yet, go to their website, their website also has articles and what not such as movie reviews and anything kind of review you can think of. They are really well rounded individuals and know what they are talking about. They need more visitors, and they deserve it. So please visit today!



You also follow them on Itunes, they have their podcast there as well. Just Type in NERDPOCALPYSE!


About beyondthetape

Hi everybody, I am an amateur Artist/moviecritic/writer/entertainer. You don't know me, at least not yet. I also review Video Games. Soon I will post podcasts and Video Reviews.

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  1. Great guys and awesome sense of humour

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