E3 Day One Reaction: The Good, The Meh, and The Flat Out Horrible


From here to tomorrow I will post my reactions to the E3 going ons. Let’s talk about the good first, because there was very view high points yesterday. In case you missed the events yesterday, I will post the videos for the mention titles below.

Watchdogs: One of the very few surprises from yesterday. This game looks like a sure fire blockbuster from Ubisoft, the premise is very simple: The world you live in is now controlled by CTOS.. or computers for short that scans virtual shadows. So everything is now data in a computer. You will be hunting down criminals with your tablet that can hack into anything. The game really strikes at the core of the whole personal privacy debate that is now haunting the world. This was a very impressive game, you got me pegged as a day one buyer Ubisoft.

Rayman Legends: Eh? I know what you are thinking, but this game really strikes a chord with me. I loved playing side-scrolling games back in the day, and I sorely missed these types of games. This game is simple and clean in premise, but it adds layers by allowing you to use 5 characters. I really liked that they used the Wii U for the presentation, even though it didn’t wow me.. it did intrigue me. I will be paying close attention to the Nintendo show on Tuesday to see what this puppy can do.

Star Wars 1313: Jeez, these guys aren’t fucking around with this game. This game looks freaking fantastic, the whole video was comprised of actual in game footage, meaning no cutscenes were used. From what little we got, we sure got a lot. It’s basically a shooter at first glance, but it will be much more deeper than that. Cannot wait for more news on the bounty hunter side of things, I really hope we can get what we got from “Knights of The Old Republic” where we can choose what choices we make and what our character eventually winds up being. Could this be the game that finally gets Lucasarts out of the cellar since 2005? Only time can tell.

The Last Of Us: I freaking loved this game, the game looks gorgeous. Sony gave us what we needed, actual in game footage of what to expect from this sure fire hit in their hands, and they did not disappoint. It’s game like these that makes me want to own a Playstation 3 again, hopefully they bundle this game with PS3 this fall, then I will go out of my way and get this game.

Halo 4: I am in no way a die hard fan, but it was hard for me to not clap for this game. This was easily the best presentation in the Microsoft press conference. They did what they had to do. They showed off the new horde of aliens, and they look badass. I was just wishing they would have tease us a little more about Master Chief and his new story a little bit. But overall I was impressed.

Now let’s move on to the Meh portion of the article, because there was a lot of meh.

God of War Accession: The God of War Kratos returns for the newest entry of the franchise, in prequel form. This game will show how Kratos turned into the eventual tragic case that he is from the first game. That’s all I have to say that intrigues me about this game. The demo was the same ol’ schlock that god of war fans are use to, it just didn’t impress me. Sure the presentation wasn’t meant to set the world on fire, but I was expecting something more, and it’s going to take more than time control and multiplayer to excite me.

Sony All Stars Battle Royale: What can I say about this game? It’s just a Super Smash Brothers clone, not saying it’s a bad thing, but it ain’t good either. It’s just average, I wasn’t impress at all with this game. It’s going to take more than Big Daddy and Sly Copper to convince me to play this game when I could just play the same game from 2-3 years ago. But at least Sony knows what the fans want, and that’s what they got.

Beyond: No question, this game looks great. That’s it. I was not wowed that Ellen Paige was headlining this game, and the cutscene we were given was not exciting. It was a big snooze fest. Need more than that, c’mon developers.

Assassins Creed 3: Nothing new. Same old, same old. Not bad, not good.. just a big meh. The only thing that intrigued me was the same thing I knew about it 5-6 months ago, it’s set in the American Revolution. Nothing new.

Farcry 3: Eh? There was a sequel for Farcry? Did not know that. (seriously, I don’t play this game. Never got into it.) It looked pretty I guess, and the action was somewhat impressive. It was ok. (ok, but what the hell was up with the risque opening to the trailer? Yay. Farcry 3 has dry humping. SCORE!)

Now onto the The Flat out horrible.

All the dancing games: All the same. New songs, same old stuff. But here’s my one true gripe with these presentations. The performances. Holy shit, no one wants to see Usher and Flo Rida at these press conferences. It’s a convention about video games, not a damn summer concert series. Usher looked like he didn’t know where he was, and I could give a rat’s ass about Flo Rida. But that’s just me, it’s just that it distracts the viewer from what this convention is about: Business and Video Games. That is all.
Edit:Go through the schlock of the ps move to get to the wonderbook stuff.

Wonderbook: Oh my god, wasn’t this one a stinker. This was bad, I mean REAL bad. I like the concept, but it isn’t for the hardcore gamer. It’s for kids and I understand that. The thought is all that counts. But man oh man was the presentation for this was a disaster, the damn thing didn’t work. There was a instance where this one women couldn’t get the damn thing to work, I was laughing my ass off. It’s not for me, and no name will persuade me to buy this (even if that name is JK Rowling).
Edit: skip to 17:44 to see the shit fest.

The EA Press Conference: SMH. Easily one of the worst shows of all time. It was so bad that I decided to take a dump and go watch the grass grow. Nothing excited me, that’s a deathblow to a show that is suppose to wow you. This was the opposite of being wowed, and it showed. Folks, I know there is a lot of video game sport fans out there, but in my opinion you really should have made a few attempts at something for the hardcore gamer who doesn’t like sports games. This show was a stinker, shame on you EA, shame on you.

Join me tomorrow for Day 2 of my analysis of E3! Any objections or agree with me? Comment!

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