E3 Day 2 Reaction: The Good,The Meh, and The Flat Out Horrible

Day two was dominated by Nintendo and it introduced us what the Wii U can do, and some more game trailers, and stuff that didn’t make it to a podium. There really wasn’t much left after day one… Once again let’s start with the good.

The Wii U: I am a devout hater of the apple Ipad (that’s because I don’t own one and I am a hater lol). But the Wii U was facing a lot of skeptism, and to be quite honest it still is. But I am in support of this new system, it’s slick and the screen is clear. Plus it has the ability to play the game on the controller (that’s a big plus for me). It will face the odds this holiday season with already released systems,and the lack of a dvd/bluray playback feature on the system, but I see the potential of this system being a great one.

The Square Enix Luminous Studio Engine: This was actually flying under the radar this year, but we actually got to see a great thing from Square Enix with it presenting a new game engine. First of all, it’s drop dead beautiful.. no doubt about that. But it also said that it will be able to use the engine on smartphones, PC, and the internet. This was one of the few things that got me excited from day two, progress and advancement in video games is always great.

Paper Mario Sticker Star: I am already in love with this game, I’ve always thought that mix between Mario and RPG was a great and happy mistake, an experiment gone right. I’ve played all the games and have been waiting for another entry to this franchise. With titles like Ocarina of Time, Star Fox 3DS, and classic titles for digital download this system is starting to become what Nintendo envisioned it to be.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 Dark Moon: One of my favorite games on the gamecube, and now I am able to play Luigi’s Mansion on the go, Nintendo treats me so fine, hey it knows what I like.

Pikmin3 and Super Mario Bros U: Out of all the launch titles for the Wii U, these two have me antsy. It’s nice to see Pikmin again and arguably better than ever with the Wii U’s impressive capabilities. The same can be said about Super Mario Brothers U, these titles should be a great start for the Wii U, even though it may stumble along the way with it’s other launch titles.

The Meh Part

The Nintendo Press Conference: Aside from Pikmin and Super Mario Bros U.. the whole show was just a retread of old games released last year. And whatever new games that were coming out, it didn’t excite me. It really shot the Wii U in the foot with the lack of REAL titles. In my experience, you can never truly please everyone. But for god’s sake, you have to at least give them a teaser trailer for a new Zelda game or Super Smash Brothers. The only reason why you aren’t in the bottom of my article right now is because your system impressed me, so for right now you’re just meh.

Sleeping Dogs and The State of union of Square Enix: A violent game from the square enix publisher, it looks quite bloody average. Not really too much I can say , except for what the heck is going on with Square Enix doing action games all of a sudden with this, Just Cause, and Tomb Raider. Especially for the world HQ for Square Enix not giving the public what it really wants for countless years, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy Versus 13. I know that they have seperate bases of operation around the world, but in all seriousness give the fans that have been by your side even after the outrage of Final Fantasy 13, 13-2, and 14. At least the company is heading in the right direction with it’s new game engine, so I have one thing to say to you guys: do you want your fans to believe in you again? Truly believe in you? Then make Final Fantasy Versus 13, and a god damn remake of Final Fantasy 7 on those brand new game engines you showcased, if you do then you will be right back on top again. So for now, Meh for Sleeping Dogs.

The Flat Out Horrible

There’s only one here.

Nintendoland: Is it just me or am I making a mistake of not letting the Nintendo press conference go down here? Because this title makes me sick to my stomach. Out of all the games to showcase here at this press conference, this game gets the second most time given? I don’t care about this game, this is not a blockbuster. But they are sure as hell making it out to be, I don’t care. Sure I will be playing it, but it just irritates me that should’ve showed another game after this. But no, once again I am duped.

Come back here tomorrow for a 3rd part dedicated to the 3DS.

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  1. Looks like pic of undercarriage is either a before’ picture, or they ran out of paint during the frame off, nuts and bolts restoration’ !!

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