E3 Day Three Reaction: 3DS Edition

Yesterday, Nintendo All Accesses livestreamed their 3DS press conference. Here is my reaction to it. Although there were no surprises, I was only expecting one new surprise title from these guys (which was Majora’s Mask 3D), but that doesn’t mean it was a terrible show, it was a damn good show. Most of the titles were interesting, and they looked fun. In the upcoming months the future of the 3DS will be set with all these titles coming out such as Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario Brothers, and Paper Mario. That is one damn impressive lineup, that alone jumped this show up to one of the show’s best conferences. The show wasn’t flashy, it was just about the damn good games coming out and they didn’t disappoint.

Here is some titles that I am most looking forward to:

New Super Mario Brothers 2: Gold, gold, and more gold! Gold is the name of the game for this title as Nintendo wants you to play speedruns with this game with your friends/frenemies to see how much gold you can collect in the shortest amount of time. It’s classic Mario, and Luigi, which by the way you can play co-op with your friends on the campaign mode, which is awesome. But that’s a backseat to all the damn gold, dammit do we love the gold.. but probably not as much as THIS GUY:


Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon: I’ve already covered this on my last E3 article. It’s Luigi’s Mansion on the 3DS with slight improvements on the gameplay, and a new story.


Paper Mario Sticker Star: Same as above, but it looks like they made a few changes to the gameplay. No longer are you going to upgrade through battles, but instead you will get XP through helping others with various tasks. So that means no grinding, I can speak for myself how much I hate grinding. It is the most boring part of any RPG game, and it’s fucking Mario for Christ’s sake so I am damn glad they remove a hardcore element of a RPG out of a basic casual Mario RPG game. I salute you Nintendo!


Kingdom Hearts 3DS: Oh boy, this has been on my radar since they announced this game around 2 years ago. C’mon, it’s Square Enix with Disney characters on a portable system, that is a win in my book. Same ol same old, confusing muddled story with awesome button smashing action with Disney characters kicking the crap out of Tony Jay… you know the lawyer/man of god from Hunchback of Notre Dame? Actually Tony Jay is the voice actor for that character… whatever.


Epic Mickey Power Of Illusion: A surprise pick to most of you guys, but if you knew me well I love side-scrolling platformers that lets me shoot things like Earthworm Jim and others. Yeah I played the game Castle of Illusion back in the 90’s on the Sega Genesis, so this makes me very happy to see this game come to life. This game reminds me a great deal when it comes to the SNES games back in the 90’s, so that’s why this game is on my list of most interested. One nit pick though, that is not Mizrabel… that’s Maleficent. Just saying.

Runner ups:

Castlevania: Mirror of Fate

Lego Batman 2: Dc Super Heroes

Transformers Prime

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Pokemon Black & White 2

Next time I will share with you the other games I have not covered such as that fucking kick ass looking game The Amazing Spiderman, The Elder Scrolls Online, and others. Till then, Imma going to watch the Celtics kick baby Bron Bron’s Ass out of the playoffs!!

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