Angry Birds Coming To Home Consoles Later This Year (Plus a mini review)

It appears that our favorite birds of destruction (The Birds from Alfred Hitchcock can suck it… great movie btw) are invading our home consoles this fall via EA Games.  For right now, it appears it will be the bare bones original that came out on our Iphones 3 years ago.Personally, I do not find any reason in the world to release this game on the consoles if it exists in Iphones and other portable medias, it seems to me that this is a money grab from a desperate gaming company that needs oxygen. Just telling it the way it is.

If you are unfamiliar with Angry Birds, let me guide you through via my own personal opinion of the game. Angry Birds is a game created by Rovio Moblie on December 2009. The story is simple, the birds are our main protagonists and their homeland is being invaded by pigs, and to make matters worse they take away the locals eggs as hostage. So guess what, the birds are pissed off and they are going to take back their land and their eggs. So you go through the game using these birds, and destroy random structures where the pigs lay by catapulting the birds via a huge slingshot. Your objective is to the destroy all of the pigs in the structures, and must do it by not losing all of your birds that you get per level. You may also try to get the highest score, which by the way is optional, but your main objective is to destroy these pigs. Some of them only require one hit, but as you progress they get stronger and require more hits to kill. For the first few levels, you only get one kind of bird.. the red one, but it changes once you advance through the game and get even more types of birds with special abilities.

Now, in my opinion.. this is the Super Mario Brothers of all casual games, the game that changed the (excuse my lame puns) game of mobile gamin. It is that good, it’s addicting and challenging. Sometimes you will get frustrated with the game (I did), but it is so easy to pick up and play and damn good that you will not stop until you beat the game and get the highest score for each level possible. This game made otherwise useless math like geometry and trigonometry useful and most importantly FUN . If you haven’t picked it up yet because you don’t have an iphone, you can play it at google chrome or google +, pick it up today and have fun!

Score 9.7/10


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