The Hangover 3 will be set in Las Vegas (So the movie will be like the last two)

So get ready Wolf Pack fans, the Hangover 3 will come out in theaters next summer, and we got a bit of new information about the movie. According to sources, the movie will be set in Las Vegas, again. So prepare yourselves for the wolf pack to get hammered again and not know what the hell happened last night. This time it will involve the wolf pack breaking Alan out of a mental institution. This series is the definition of groundhog day, it’s the same damn thing movie after movie, okay we get it the first one was pretty successful and I admit I laughed quite a bit with the first one. But the second one wasn’t godawful, but it was the same damn movie with the same damn plot, but with different situations and a new setting and a few laughs. Now I get this unsettling news that the wolf pack is going back to Las Vegas is just the final straw, okay so what that the guys are going to save Alan from the looney bin, I’ll be looney Tunes too if I have to star in the same damn movie again and again. I will not be seeing the same damn movie for 15 dollars again, I’m better off just watching The Hangover on TBS or something.




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