Potential Movies From Gaming/Anime

I am very inexperienced when it comes to writing screenplays, but I have some ideas swirling in my head, there are a lot of properties that have not been adapted to screen. So here’s the list;

Kingdom Hearts: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? This has a lot of potential to be a summer blockbuster or a holiday release. We got disney characters up the wazoo, plus we got a solid story with the main characters. I think this movie has to be made in either hand drawn animation, or cgi, or a mixture of both. Who should direct this? Well, anyone who has directed a disney/pixar film in the past 20 years. Maybe John Lasseter or Brad Bird. Or get someone who knows this game series very well and knows what to do.

Dragon Ball Z: Now I know the disaster that was Dragon Ball Evolution, but that movie was in development hell for years, and plus the people involved didn’t know what the hell they were doing. Now this one is a tough cookie, because it is so hard to adapt dragon ball to film because Akira Toriyama’s style is so unique that it will look retarded in real life. So this shit has to be animated, plus we have to weave a new original story without bastardizing the source material. Director? Jackie Chan?

Naruto: For some strange reason: I always thought about a movie for this. Not only that: I also think about The first two Harry potter movies. I love how the people involved got those 3 kids from nowhere and they look exactly like them in the books, or how I imagined them to look like. And when it comes to kid actors, they actually knew how to act, they had charisma, the it factor. So basically, I think that the same can be done with Naruto. This series is actually easier to adapt to real life because Kishimoto has a sort of realism in his style of drawing. There are a few things I want to happen, get the casting crew who cast Harry potter with a mix of new blood. And (don’t laugh) Peter Jackson has to direct it or someone new. I mean seriously, the atmosphere from the lord of the rings is simply the best I have ever seen. He is a magician with the camera. He can probably find the perfect location to shoot this shit. Probably get a new batch of writers who know the story very well, and deviate the story a little.

The Legend of Zelda: This movie should’ve been made 8 years ago. Once again, we got the typical adventure movie (Seriously, this isn’t the most original series ever made) Once again, I have to say that Peter Jackson has to direct this.The lord of the rings is basically in the same genre, plus it has the same medieval Aesthetic to it. Let’s make it happen.

Resident Evil Reboot: NO REALLY, this series needs to be rebooted like now. It is a survival horror game, not a shoot em up game (Well, at least not the first 3 games) But really, I want this to be a very atmospheric movie, with poorly dimmed lights (Like John Carpenter’s The thing, haven’t seen it yet; go watch it and you will see what I mean.) Matter of fact; get John Carpenter to helm this movie if you can or some Japanese dude.

Full Metal Alchemist: This is an awesome manga/ anime, it has science fiction and adventure in it,the story follows the brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, who want to restore their bodies after a disastrous failed attempt to bring their mother back to life through alchemy. Now they are warriors of the state called state alchemists, and they the homunculi, a group of human-like creatures who carry pieces of the Philosopher’s Stone inside themselves, and from it derive the ability to survive almost any harm. This is the most possible anime to recreate to film, it has action, it has story, plus it has character development to keep audiences entertained. Since it is based in Europe, maybe the war horse director himself Steven Spielberg should do it. I don’t really care who does it, just do it right.

That’s all I have for right now. (Goes to the room and cowers in fear of outrage from angry disagreeing fan boys )

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Hi everybody, I am an amateur Artist/moviecritic/writer/entertainer. You don't know me, at least not yet. I also review Video Games. Soon I will post podcasts and Video Reviews.

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  1. Brad: Congrats! Have you read the Groundswell book? I am interested to learn more about your studies in Irvine, CA.

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