Daniel Radcliffe Up for The Flash?! Is this real life? The WTF Level Is Over 9000!! (Update: The News is False,No Need To Panic)

What the hell is going on with this shit? Seriously, according to sources Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe is up for the lead role as the Flash.

No, you did not just imagine that last line.. this is an accurate report from movie news sites everywhere. Where do I begin with this mindfuck within a mindfuck… He’s British first of all.. fake accent will be much about. Second… he’s Harry Potter.. you will NEVER be able to take him seriously… Third… this is a super hero movie, thus he will have to get RIPPED to play this role.Fourth, isn’t Warner Brothers trying to make a JLA movie? Would this casting (if it came to be) sway away most of your hardcore comic book fans? I think so.. (I’ll still see the damn movie)

With all that said, I think he is a good actor. Granted, his last movie didn’t impress me.. but it showed that he can act in other roles. It’s not that I don’t believe in him, it’s just that this news has caught me off guard.

I’ll let this sink in for a while, then I will give you a reasonable article on what I really think about this.


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