Aisha Tyler Wants You To Go F**k Yourselves

THANK YOU!! Someone actually said it. Not for one minute did I say she wasn’t a gamer, she actually does know what the hell she is talking about. But her performance at the ubisoft is hard to watch.. Not saying that I could’ve done better, but there are more capable people out there who deserve the job and are more deserving, and seriously where the hell does she go off and say to go rot in your mother’s basement and go get a real job. Typical semi-semi-famous smug ass attitude who thinks they are better than us because they have a real job and belittle us because we have something negative to say to them. EGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
You hear that echo?
I defended your cred, but I am not going to defend your bitch ass remarks, it makes you look unprofessional and immature. BOO GET OFF THE STAGE!

VG Confab

On the one hand, I feel bad about what’s been happening to Aisha Tyler. Since her epic fail at hosting Ubisoft’s  E3 presser a week ago, she has been hated on and flamed by every racist hater troll on the internet, and that sucks. It seems like 90% of people on the  interwebs are assholes, and that may be a conservative estimate. Worst of all, they’re VOCAL assholes who smear their smug bullshit on every forum or FB page they like under the cover of anonymity. However, it isn’t like that’s a secret. So when you go on national television and start talking about how big your “girl wood” is for Assassins Creed III, you should expect that people are going to be all over you.

So after a few days of this, Lana has apparently had enough. She posted the following on her Facebook page today in response:

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