Is The Upcoming Tomb Raider Reboot Sexist? Share Your Thoughts Plus An Origin Story

Let’s go back to the beginning of this franchise’s life, in 1996 Core Design made a game that would establish the Playstation as a console and the way we play games for a damn good while with it’s awesome open world gameplay and puzzle solving, sure we got Zelda and other games to do that first.. but this one was different because

1. Women finally got a video game character that kicksass and needs no saving

2. Did I mention she is hot?? (SEXIST!!) She got hotter as the graphics improved… I am ashamed of myself…

So sure we got some BAMF-ING chick with guns and a chip on her shoulder, but aside from that was the only thing that people remember her for, only a few people really remember the story. It’s quite obvious that what this game’s target demographic was.. horny male teenagers (14-23) who want to see a chick use a gun to kill a bengal tiger.. AWESOME!! EXTREME!! So as the games kept going, it was more of the same each and  every time.. the franchise was getting stale and the peeps at Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix knew it was time to reinvent Lara Croft and the game.

So at around 2008-2010 Crystal Dynamics announced that they are making a new Tomb Raider game, and the people said “So what?” who aren’t fans of the series. So then an issue of game informer with lots of information, including screenshots of an early Lara Croft has people thinking of an origin story.. thus making them interested again. As the years passed, the game grew more and more popular and anticipated. Few people knew that this was going to be a reboot, but yes it was. They wanted to start clean, keep the “CORE DYNAMICS” intact.. making it feel like a Tomb Raider game but also making it more gritty and dark.. pulling a Chris Nolan if you will. They also changed the way Lara Croft looks, gone are the breast implants (BOOO!) and instead we get a more realistic version of what she would look like in real time. Kind of built (not in a manly sort of way) but she has a pretty face and still has some great features. I actually like this version, I do.

At around 2012, new trailers for the game started to pop out, and people were really getting excited for this game… but then the game was delayed till March of next year. But we still got some more stuff from it during E3 (which I gave the game “Game Of The Show” award), it would seem that this game was heading for greatness.. but then here come the hat– I mean feminists. They scream “SEXISTS PIGS!! Stop disempowering Laura Croft!”. I’m like “I didn’t even know that feminists were fans of Tomb Raider?” because it’s quite obvious that the games were made to please the teenage boy demographic..

To be completely honest, I never pay attention to things like this in video games. You know things like sexism and such, I’m just here to play a good game, let me enjoy it without thinking the sucky world we live in. But, this is one of the few times that the evidence is too overwhelming to ignore. The main argument is her being weak and not knowing what to do because she’s female, so that alone and many other suggestive scenes from the trailers makes this title a hot button topic for feminists everywhere.Including the latest controversy; The Rape Scene. Ah yes folks, you see in this new game she can be hurt in many other ways besides bullets and hand grenades, she can also be hurt sexually and mentally. I could say that rape has no place in video games, but that’s a whole other article that I do not wish to tread. Sure the peeps at Crystal Dynamics said that no one has ever tackled rape in a video game before.. WELL DURRR HURR DURR I WONDUR WHY? DURR!!

But is the game sexist, disempowering (I know that is not a word, but I don’t care.), or realistic? I want to hear your opinions on this internets! I would really love to hear your opinions on this. You can comment on this article, send me emails, hell you can give me your own article on what you think and I will make a master post on my website and let the world see what you think!

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