The Glass House: AKA The Sims in Real Life.

Wow, groundbreaking television. I applaud you.

Apparently you the viewer can control what the people at the house can do. You can tell them what to eat, drink, when to sleep, screw, and whom to screw. It’s all a goddamn mess, so don’t be shocked if you see a harem or two along the way. This is just wrong, very wrong. It’s all fun and games in The Sims (and if you tell me otherwise, you are a liar), but that’s a game. We aren’t talking about a game, this is reality television.

So you are telling me that I can make 2 male characters sleep with each other while watching Justin Bieber Never Say Never documentary? Are there restrictions, strings attached? Or is this a free-for-all? I pretty much doubt it that it’s the latter. Besides, If I wanted to control someone’s life I would play The Sims instead. Network Television has been in a tail spin for quite some time, and this show is just another moth to the flame. No I will not be seeing this crap, and neither should you.

You’re better off playing this.

Oh and hear this, apparently it’s a rip-off of another equally crappy show “Big Brother”. Seriously, have we arrived at the point where we are ripping off shitty shows to make equally (or worse) shitty shows? ABC, just stick to what you are good at; game shows and daytime soaps. You use to air good shows like Perfect Strangers, Family Matters, NYPD Blue, and Boston Legal. Where did all the good writers go? Oh yeah, rotting away on NBC getting their shows cancelled because they can’t keep up with CBS and their gruesome twosome, Two and half Men and The Big Bang Theory. Just go ahead and drop dead ABC, just do it.


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  1. Ronique Nicole

    Right ! I don’t have control over my own life let alone trying to propagate some ish on tv… My to do lost is already to long lol.

  2. Thanks for asking. It is one fee, one piece.

  3. This book is arranged incredibly well and reads more like a novel than an archaic text. There is no thou, thee, or begot. None of the meaning has been lost or omitted, everything is there in plain, current English. The text is large enough to read comfortably and the spacing makes it easy on the eyes. Lastly, the book itself looks amazing with its soft leather cover and shining silver pages.

  4. Can’t agree more that building a list is important. I wish I would have started building a list years ago. One problem is email is becoming more and more difficult with spam issues.

  5. Your style is unique in comparison to other people I have read stuff from. Many thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this web site.

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