Charlie Sheen To Retire After Anger Management Ends


Say what you will about Charlie Sheen; narcissist,selfish,crack head. Those are all true, but do you think I really give a damn about Charlie Sheen off the screen? Hell fucking no, I only care about the characters he plays as.. which isn’t very different than what he is in real life. What I am trying to say is that I like him on screen, acting, but I don’t give a damn what he does with his own damn time. He’s fun,he makes fun of his own lifestyle, he use to be really funny until his schtick got bastardized by network TV. That’s why I am kind of sad that he will be retiring after his upcoming show on FX “Anger Management” wraps up.

He will just be soccer games and amusement parks after his soon to be train wreck of a show cancels in the first season. Seriously, this show looks like Two and A Half Men without the two men (see what I did there?). It’s just a generic sitcom that has the same old Charlie Sheen schtick, plus it’s based on a Adam Sandler movie (not a good sign). I will be amazed if it makes it out alive in the first 3 months.

Whatever, I rather be watching Major League and Hot Guns than watch this show. It’s basically the same, except more funnier and entertaining. Well, prepare for that retirement Charlie Sheen.. it will come very soon.

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