So, How About That “Leaked” Xbox 720 Document?

It appears that I am up to date on gaming and stuff, but really I’m not. I still own an analog TV, a dvd player, and a 1 gigabyte of memory computer. Reason? Uh… I’m broke. Is that good enough for a answer? Good. Why am I even talking about this, not owning the latest technology? Because I am afraid that I am not current with the times, and I am scared that I will be left behind. I fear instant streaming, I fear the cloud, all those things require decent computers for them to work properly. I am a person of unfortunate circumstances, I can’t get a job because the economy sucks, plus I live in a area where jobs are hard to come by. So no, I am not here all day sitting on my ass not trying my best to find one.. but I am almost at the point of just giving up on the whole game. I rather that I start my own business via internet. But that’s a whole other story. Bottom line, I am scared that I will not be able to be the reliable source of information and unique opinions of movies,games,and other things that make our life’s less shitty in the future. So with that in mind, the leaked Xbox 720 document is supporting my fears.


From what you can gather on the image, it looks like the Xbox 720 could be the last Xbox console will ever make. It will just update firmware and other geeky terms I am not familiar with. And oh look, cloud gaming.. fuck. Then we have this Fortaleza glasses.. I don’t really understand it, something with augmented reality.. I have to guess. Then we have the obligatory 3d support and blu-ray optical drive. What we also have in this system is a Windows 8 operating system.. which I haven’t tried out yet.. because my computer is crap.

All of this stuff is cool and all.. but I have a fear that my analog TV will not be able to handle this. I’m not happy that I find myself having to not only buy a game system that will cost me 300 dollars, but in addition a new HDTV that will cost me 400-800 dollars. I can’t keep up with this, but let’s see if God can cook up a miracle or two. I really want to share news and experiences with you guys for years to come, giving you guys my opinions and whether or not a game or movie is good or not. Time will tell.

Until then, tell me what you guys think of about this document and what the ceiling is for this mega game system to be made.

(Btw, this could all be a hoax.. and not true.. this has crossed my mind. I’m not a COMPLETE idiot.)

About beyondthetape

Hi everybody, I am an amateur Artist/moviecritic/writer/entertainer. You don't know me, at least not yet. I also review Video Games. Soon I will post podcasts and Video Reviews.

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