Square Enix Became Awesome For One Minute, Then….not so much. Final Fantasy 7 Coming To The PC.. IN UPDATED FORM.

Yeah, remember what I said about how I feel about when the day comes that Square Enix remakes Final Fantasy 7? Apparently those dreams were reborn…. for a minute.. then crushed again. For a good while today Square Enix posted a  cache page with some sketchy info on a updated Final Fantasy 7, then Square Enix kind of debunks that news with some kind of super lawyer language.. it’s like “We are making something, but we are not making any announcements for the time being. Anyways, enjoy the good news about our next game, Final Fantasy 13-3!! LOL!! TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!”


Well here is what confuses me about this, they do say that it will be updated. But here’s my question, which parts are going to be updated? Are the graphics getting an overhaul, or is just some trophy or a few gameplay tweaks or other bullshit of the sort? Very fucking confusing, but if Square Enix is wise they better do this. They have been losing fans since Final Fantasy 12, and I don’t give a fuck what anybody says Final Fantasy 13 was GARBAGE. Call me anything negative, I don’t give a fuck.. that’s how I feel about it. If Square Enix can pull this off, and release in the same time slot as Final Fantasy Versus 13, I’ll take a bet and say that Square Enix will be able to redeem themselves. But for right now, don’t expect any news coming anytime soon.



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  1. Ha, I agree. If they did remake it theres a good chance they would change it too much. The PS1 version was great! If they kept it the same and just updated the graphics it would be a fantastic game that I would run and buy.

    However I fear that they would change it, and make leveling up different and it would not be good, they may also shorten it, not good.

  2. I would just as well like to play the old version of vii as any updated version, but securing an old play station and finding the game seems a little much for me. They better not change anything significant.

    I’m easily entertained so I really enjoy xiii. I really hope xiii 3 will be the game that the xiii series is remembered by and 1 and 2 are just the nice little prologues.

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