Motorola Means Business As They Intend To Ban The Xbox 360 As Microsoft Rejects Settlement.

I guess it’s one more reason to buy a Xbox 720?

Microsoft has rejected the settlement that Motorola offered in their continuing dispute between patients for the 2 powerhouse companies. If Microsoft accepted the deal it would have solved the court case that affects the future of both Android phones and Xbox 360s in the United States. Microsoft and Motorola have been caught picking from the cookie jar as both companies are responsible for stealing each others technology. For Motorola, they have been caught stealing Active Sync,a technology that powers calendar syncing on some Android phones. Meanwhile, Microsoft is accused of violating 5 patents from Motorola, one involving stealing Motorola’s video codec (or video decoder if you want to be specific), and for built in Wi-Fi that was featured in the newer models of the 360. Motorola wants Microsoft to pay royalties, or face the consequences.

This has indeed a disturbing case that I have been following for quite a while, and this is most unfortunate news for Microsoft. Now, since they didn’t pay up it will now be possible for Motorola to ban the sales of Xbox 360’s in America as they have already done the same in Germany via a separate case involving the windows media player. How can they do that? How can they prevent the sales of 360’s in the US? Well, the Xbox 360 is manufactured in China, if they block imports from there, it would effectively kill off the sales of 360’s.

So, how come Microsoft rejected the settlement from Motorola? Motorola offered to pay Microsoft 33 cents for each Android phone sold. In exchange, Microsoft would pay Motorola 2.25% of each Xbox sold and 50 cents for each copy of Windows. But like any other greedy multi-billion dollar company they rejected those terms, saying that it’s unfair of Motorola to request royalties “far in excess of market rates.”

Bottomline, neither side are willing to compromise.. and that’s about it. If this comes to be, it will be a huge blow to Microsoft, their stocks will fall.. many unemployment’s might follow, and it will give their rival company (Apple) the oppurntunity to finish Microsoft by making their own gaming system (See what happens when you smoke drugs kids? Do not take my word for it). All in all, this is bad news. VERY BAD NEWS,

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