Namco Bandai Developing The Next Super Smash Brothers Under Sakurai’s Direction.

Does this mean that Soul Caliber characters are going to have a chance to appear in the smash brothers universe?

A little over a minute ago Nintendo Direct announced that the next Super Smash Brothers game will be developed by Namco-Bandai. This is very surprising, why would they even consider this? There hasn’t been a good fighting game made by the company since Soul Caliber 2. Does this mean that the fighting engine will be completely changed? Will there be any Namco-Bandai characters in it? What does this mean? I don’t know. Wanna hear something even more fucked up? Namco-Bandai also makes the Naruto and Dragon Ball Z games, so is there a slight possibility that those characters will make an appearance? Just think about it, Mario squaring off with Goku.. Sonic vs Vegeta. My mind is blown… but I REALLY doubt that will be the case, still an awesome though.

More news on this as it becomes available.

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  1. Hopefully we see some sweet Pac-Man action.

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