Why I hate Naruto: A Prolouge To The Epic Manga Review For Next Year.


Out of all my years of reading such classics like Astro Boy, Dragon Ball (z), Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, and One Piece nothing disappointed me more than Naruto. This manga, this goddamn manga is the reason I had to rethink if the whole medium of manga is OVERRATED.. which by the way, is slightly true. While the medium as a whole is overrated, I still think it has better writing than the western comics as of late, but that’s a whole other discussion. I’m here to talk about Naruto.


It’s basically about a kid who is shunned by his village because he has a demon inside, the very same demon that wrecked havoc to the said village 12 years ago that took the life of it’s leader. Now that right there is something I like, and which I can relate to. I too was shunned by my fellow peers, so I can relate to Naruto. But he has it a little bit worse than I do, he has no parents.. you’ll find out why he doesn’t later. Plus he was the village’s worst ninja, and the definition of an underdog. That has the making of a great underdog story, everybody loves an underdog story. But there is a slight dislike with this character, he’s annoying. But that’s a mask for him, something to hide the fact that he is lost in this world with no one to guide him…at first. But as the story progresses, he gains allies and friends. People to share his triumphs, and his failures with. But then again, why is he still annoying? I guess it’s just a trait that the creator wanted him to have, and it’s not for everyone. The story is fine and all, I was digging it. But then here comes my problems with it, Naruto is the only one that doesn’t get the stealth part of the job. He is dressing in bright orange.. you’re lunch if you are wearing those colors to a mission that requires you to not be seen. Just a nitpick. Through the first 2 and a half arcs, this was the best manga I have read since Rurouni Kenshin. Naruto was getting better at not sucking, and is actually using his head to help him win some battles. But then.. Itachi came.


There’s something else I want to tell you about this story, apparently the creator thinks that another character is the main guy of the manga.. his name is Sasuke.. and oh boy does he like the sauce. There’s a subplot of the manga involving the uchiha; the most well recognized clan of the whole ninja world, and it’s unfortunate demise of it’s entire clan. It was slain by no other than one of it’s own; Itachi Uchiha. Here’s the catch, for some reason Itachi let Sasuke (his younger brother) live to one day challenge him and take him down to avenge the clan. Which by the way, Sasuke accepted and is now a shut in. He reminds me of Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy 7, he is the quiet guy who kicks a lot of ass. So yeah, he kicks ass and takes names. So his older brother reappears and Sasuke goes into a state of not giving a fuck about anything else except for killing his brother and achieves his vengeance. But Itachi defeats him easily and that makes Sasuke mad, it even goes so far to the point that he joins an ex-ninja who is powerful named Orochimaru and his group of teenagers with attitude (bad power rangers reference).


Who’s the hero again?


That’s when the story falls apart somewhat, as they start straying away from the aspect of strategy, and start putting in some DBZ quasi moves like Rasengan and Chidori. Look, I like Dragon Ball Z.. but it just doesn’t fit here. And this manga was pretty grounded in reality, they actually made the whole system of how to use ninja moves as Chakra.. which by the way is another way of saying life energy. They used ninja stars, element of surprise, you know…things that ninjas do. But they put all of that aside to make room for more BOOM! But at least they kept the core story intact, and in fact they made the story more beautiful.. they really hammer you with the whole “friendship never dies” message. But I like that, even after all that Sasuke has done to Naruto and his friends, he still wants Sasuke to come back. So they fight each other to end the first arc, and Naruto barely loses.. which I thought was a perfect cap to end the first part of the manga. I was really excited for the next part of the story, with Naruto being older, wiser, and better at not sucking as a ninja. I really was, I was ready for more adult situations with the “Konoha 9”. Which the creator did, but only not in the way I hoped for.


Let the facepalming begin…

Part two of Naruto is some of the most steaming pile of pig crap ever, and I mean that with all my heart. Instead of focusing on Naruto becoming an adult, and a leader.. he instead focuses on the lost cause; Sasuke. It’s Sasuke this, Sasuke that, it’s like the creator had nothing else to talk about for this manga at the time, and for the most part.. he didn’t. Okay, at first I felt KIND of sorry for him, but as the story went along his character became demented,obsessed, and other things that makes me feel… disgusted. He would actually kill his allies if they ever get in his way, and he almost did. I understand where the creator is going with this, make the biggest scumbag to have ever lived, and redeem his character in a BIG way.. sorry but there is a line you should not cross, and you crossed it too many times, plus he is the biggest bore, I would forgive all of that if he wasn’t such a giant bore to follow.


He dug himself a pretty big hole with his Sasuke crap, and has to find a way to make Naruto look better. A total character change, no longer was he the underdog…instead he is now THE CHOSEN ONE. LAME. Give me a fucking break, and I know why he did it. He made the villains so over powered due to plot holes he ran into to keep them alive, he gave them some video game cheat code type of move, LIMIT BREAKS!! (another bad reference to a property I like) That included Sasuke becoming god himself with those goddamn hacking eye skills with his sharingan. We keep getting new types of eye skills like Mandekyou Sharingan, eternal sharigan, sharingan II electric boogaloo.. just everything fucking thing that someone can pull out of their ass. It’s kind of like the infinity X whatever fight when you get into an argument with someone, “I hate you times 2!” “I hate you times 10!” “I hate you times 1000!” “I hate you times infinity!” “Well, I hate you times infinity times infinity.. ha ha I WIN!”. Yeah, like that. So now Naruto gets all these nice little power ups to keep up with the Uchihas and the Akatsuki’s of the world, but here’s the problem.. the other side keeps on finding new ways to over powered the other side AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN!!  Eventually the story gets so old, that I keep finding new ways to hate this story.. and boy do I keep finding ways to hate it.


With every mega fandom out there, there is a bunch of pairings that mega fans support. We had it with Mulder and Scully from The X-files, so of course we have it here. The 3 main pairings are Naruto X Hinata, Sasuke X Sakura, and Naruto X Sakura. These fans try to find every last bit of small detail to back up their arguments as to why their pairing will become cannon, and these debates get so heated that it’s now infamous. I won’t lie to you guys, I think Naruto X Sakura will become canon because of reasons, but that is besides the point. This manga is so boring and unoriginal to me that I find myself enjoying the pairing wars more than I am of the actual manga.. that is a BAD thing. I think the creator got caught up with making a mega popular story that he forgot what made it good in the first place and decided to try to make the greatest manga of all time. Not every manga has to be a Dragon Ball clone, and I’m sorry but nobody will ever be able to top Dragon Ball. It’s a timeless classic, but that doesn’t mean that your manga can’t be great in it’s own right. As soon as this manga is finished, I will give this manga the review it deserves, and I will give you my final verdict as soon as that happens.


Till then, stay classy.

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  1. I don’t hate Naruto, the only character i hate is Sakura, beacause of the way she treats naruto. She uses both physical and psychological violence against him. And her confession to Naruto was nothing more than lies. Hinata, on the other hand, cares so much about Naruto.

    • I will admit to this, Hinata is better in the timeskip. She actually stood up to Pein…Pain… Nagato…. whatever he is called. She risked her life in order to save Naruto. But so did Sakura in chapter 295…296 when she tried to get Naruto to come back from his four tailed form. Now compare that to the many CANON (no filler bullshit) moments that Narusaku has had over the course of the manga to Naruhina moments. Not only that, but the quality of the moments of the Narusaku moments outnumber them.

      I’m not saying you’re wrong about the physical violence… but that is a staple in every main shonen series since Dragon Ball…. except for One Piece because Oda is truly a visionary. That whole confession thing… yeah she lied, and yes it was cruel to a degree. But she did it for the both of them at the time, and there is something there at the time… in fact there was something there since the beginning. It was friendship first, then over a period of time it became stronger and stronger. In most relationships (platonic or romantic) there will come a time where you would lie to someone you care about whether it be you got fired or someone died, and you will lie in order to ease their pain because in your/their mind they wouldn’t be able to handle the truth. That’s all she was trying to do, she was just tired of the whole Sasuke thing (I know I was). She dropped the ball on that big time, and I wouldn’t be surprised that Naruto would have a few words about it at the end of the manga. But then again this is a shonen manga, and the originality of pairings are almost non-existent.

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