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Cartoon Network brings back Cartoon Planet and Toonami: A step in the right direction?

How did this happen? Remember all the cries of “BETRAYAL” when Cartoon Network turn their back on their loyal fans when they slowly got rid of their old cartoon shows such as Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory, and Courage The Cowardly Dog, and then went for the jugular vein with cancelling Toonami? Remember when they started pumping out live action shows, and importing Canadian cartoons and basically said “We don’t feel like making original shit anymore.”? Well apparently they heard your bitching.. er I mean campaigning for “Bring Back The Cartoon Network of old.”. Read the rest of this entry

Toonami: An Important Part Of My Childhood, Reborn. Plus A History.

For those who are unfamiliar with Toonami (primarily those from overseas), Toonami is a daily*/weekly programming block consisting of action cartoons, primarily consisting of Anime (japanese cartoons). I think I got it down right, anyways let’s begin. It began in 1997, Read the rest of this entry

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