New Judge Dredd Trailer… LAWWWWWWWWW!!!

Well well well, what do we have here? Another reboot. Yay, fun. Actually this series needed a reboot because the only 2 things I remember from the original Judge Dredd is Rob Schneider and LAWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I’ll admit that I only read a couple of issues from this comic book, but from what I read I liked it. Giving select people the power of judge, jury, and executioner is very interesting and makes us question the current day law process. It makes us think, is this a good thing or the other way around? Deep stuff. Plus it kicks ass… a lot. Anyway enjoy the trailer, and remember I am the LAW!


Jim Carrey Not Happy with Dumb and Dumber To, Possibly Out If Things Don’t Improve.

It looks like Dumb and Dumber Too has suffered a blow as Jim Carrey is not pleased with the production of the movie, Carrey’s spokesperson saying “he has grown increasingly frustrated.” and has backed out for the time being. Read the rest of this entry

Who Would In A Fight: Batman or Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)?

Well, if anyone has ever read JLA: Tower of Babel you will know that Batman has contingency plans for every member of the league in case if one of them ever goes rogue one day. That’s the greatest strength of Batman: he will always find a way to win any fight. But that isn’t to say that it won’t be a close fight. What will probably happen is that the Green Lantern would kick his ass, but somehow Batman keeps getting back up again and again until Green Lantern is too beaten up (physically and mentally) that his will will die down and he would be screwed. Batman is a master of survival,combat,and gadgetry. He would probably make a gravity device that would make the Green Lantern heavy, and making flight impossible. So Batman wins.

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The Stop N Go Review Parlor: Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows.

This movie is not perfect, nor is it the most finely done either. Instead, it’s your run of the mill popcorn Hollywood sequel. Read the rest of this entry

So, How About That “Leaked” Xbox 720 Document?

It appears that I am up to date on gaming and stuff, but really I’m not. Read the rest of this entry

The Final Dark Knight Rises Trailer Is E-P-I-C!!

Holy shit, is this trailer awesome or what? Sure there is plenty of action to be had, but it was the goddamn music that really gets you amped. We get a lot of time with Bane beating the crap out of Batman, and we get more Catwoman scenes. This is the best trailer I have seen in years. I still have my doubts, but I will leave those unanswered as the movie drops on us July 20th. My response to this trailer is one of the greatest lines of all time;


Wanted Sequel Promises The Return of James McAvoy’s Character, But With A Great Twist

I ain’t going to lie, I thought that Wanted was average at best. Read the rest of this entry

I haven’t even played Brawl yet… what a sad sack of flesh I am.

Naturally Uncanny Reviews!

Despite the new Super Smash Bros titles for both the 3DS and WiiU being announced last year, the games’ director Masahiro Sakurai stated in an interview with Nintendo power:
“We’ve just taken what you could call the first step of the process. This is the first time I’ve ever had my next project announced before it’s even entered development, and because of that, I fear that players will be forced to wait even longer than they expect to. Please be patient.”
Development for Smash Bros didn’t start until this year due to Kid Icarus Uprising release this year( click here for our review).

Believe it or not, I found just as much fun, perhaps even more, in the wait for Super Smash Brothers Brawl than playing the game. This was made possible by the Smash Dojo, the website which Sakurai himself update every weekday, give us new bits…

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I’m sorry, but Liam Neeson losing to anybody sounds like a invalid movie right off the bat.

Trailer Doubleshot: 2 New Tv Spots for The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises

Today I will share with you two new tv spots, one for the Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises.


This one is in German, but you don’t need to understand the language for the kick ass action this one has. The effects are looking even more promising, that includes the 3D. Just all around kick ass web swinging scenes, but will this be enough for the still suspicious movie? Find out on July 3rd!

In this trailer we are introduced with more action and a few more scenes of Batman’s new plaything: THE BAT…. (what a lame title). But trivial things like that won’t matter as this movie looks more kickass by the day. July 20th, why can’t you come sooner?


Come back later this week for a sneak peek for my upcoming review of Batman Returns. Will it be a few scenes, or just a sizzle trailer? Depends on how bored I am.

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