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Who Would In A Fight: Batman or Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)?

Well, if anyone has ever read JLA: Tower of Babel you will know that Batman has contingency plans for every member of the league in case if one of them ever goes rogue one day. That’s the greatest strength of Batman: he will always find a way to win any fight. But that isn’t to say that it won’t be a close fight. What will probably happen is that the Green Lantern would kick his ass, but somehow Batman keeps getting back up again and again until Green Lantern is too beaten up (physically and mentally) that his will will die down and he would be screwed. Batman is a master of survival,combat,and gadgetry. He would probably make a gravity device that would make the Green Lantern heavy, and making flight impossible. So Batman wins.

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The Final Dark Knight Rises Trailer Is E-P-I-C!!

Holy shit, is this trailer awesome or what? Sure there is plenty of action to be had, but it was the goddamn music that really gets you amped. We get a lot of time with Bane beating the crap out of Batman, and we get more Catwoman scenes. This is the best trailer I have seen in years. I still have my doubts, but I will leave those unanswered as the movie drops on us July 20th. My response to this trailer is one of the greatest lines of all time;


Trailer Doubleshot: 2 New Tv Spots for The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises

Today I will share with you two new tv spots, one for the Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises.


This one is in German, but you don’t need to understand the language for the kick ass action this one has. The effects are looking even more promising, that includes the 3D. Just all around kick ass web swinging scenes, but will this be enough for the still suspicious movie? Find out on July 3rd!

In this trailer we are introduced with more action and a few more scenes of Batman’s new plaything: THE BAT…. (what a lame title). But trivial things like that won’t matter as this movie looks more kickass by the day. July 20th, why can’t you come sooner?


Come back later this week for a sneak peek for my upcoming review of Batman Returns. Will it be a few scenes, or just a sizzle trailer? Depends on how bored I am.

I’m pretty sure that I am going to get to the reviews early next week.

I cannot wait, I really think you are going to like my hilarious reviews. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, I just needed to get a few written reviews/articles in my system before I start getting into the whole “review the whole movie in 20 semi minutes with insightful analysis and a couple of snarky jokes.” business.

Once again it’s Batman Returns first Then it’s Back To The Future Part 2

Then it’s a Christopher Nolan batmanathon with me doing mini serious reviews one week. Then a expectations video another week, Then a midnight premiere video of me talking to random strangers about what they expect out of this most anticipated film.

Then it’s back to normal with Willow in August

Then to cap off the first batch of movies with Dragon Ball: The Path To Power & Dragon Ball Evolution.

How’s that folks, amped? I am. The video provider I have not decided yet, but you will be able to catch me on youtube via reply videos of popular videos that relate to the subject matter I am reviewing that week. Once I get enough subscribers on my channel, I will cancel it and branch out on blip or springboard. I will have an aggressive marketing campaign for my videos/site, sooner or later that I will have a fanbase. If you like quality videos and insightful reviews with a mix of humor with high production values, I am your guy!

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