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Who Would In A Fight: Batman or Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)?

Well, if anyone has ever read JLA: Tower of Babel you will know that Batman has contingency plans for every member of the league in case if one of them ever goes rogue one day. That’s the greatest strength of Batman: he will always find a way to win any fight. But that isn’t to say that it won’t be a close fight. What will probably happen is that the Green Lantern would kick his ass, but somehow Batman keeps getting back up again and again until Green Lantern is too beaten up (physically and mentally) that his will will die down and he would be screwed. Batman is a master of survival,combat,and gadgetry. He would probably make a gravity device that would make the Green Lantern heavy, and making flight impossible. So Batman wins.

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The Final Dark Knight Rises Trailer Is E-P-I-C!!

Holy shit, is this trailer awesome or what? Sure there is plenty of action to be had, but it was the goddamn music that really gets you amped. We get a lot of time with Bane beating the crap out of Batman, and we get more Catwoman scenes. This is the best trailer I have seen in years. I still have my doubts, but I will leave those unanswered as the movie drops on us July 20th. My response to this trailer is one of the greatest lines of all time;


Daniel Radcliffe Up for The Flash?! Is this real life? The WTF Level Is Over 9000!! (Update: The News is False,No Need To Panic)

What the hell is going on with this shit? Read the rest of this entry

Venom Movie Might Exist In The Same Universe As The Spidey Reboot

The producers of The Amazing Spider-Man say Sony’s planned Venom movie just might exist within the same universe as the Spidey reboot,thus leaving the possibility of crossover movies. Read the rest of this entry

My Opinion/Expections/Predictions On The Amazing Spider-Man

I’ll be quite honest, Read the rest of this entry

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